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About us

Multiple services of company.

Dr.M.I.M.Razi is the owner of the Razi International Trading (pvt) Ltd. Since 2001 to 2009 he has been as a gem cutter that mean high income generating source and he followed both gemology Western and Eastern Medicine together. Right after he became as a Gemologist he started gem business by his own. His enthusiastic in his field is brought him toward the top welthen the short period. He never with held we like the boundry he further extend this business as gem mining. buying rough diamond, Opel stones and cut it and polish and able to sell for good after/price.

He engaged with his business partner in the following sectors. Year 2017.

  • India-Chineese herbal business.
  • High quality tea exports locally distributes.
  • Sovering, silver, Garments business.
  • Laptop, Cellular phones, electrical appliance, fishing gears, Sea oysters’/ Sea shells.
  • Dairy farming and etc.

He successfully proceeded his business and decentralized with the shareholders combined together.

Through his hard work and commitments he brought up to the top of the business. In the year 2018 he established a company and through this he extended his firm further by adding rental car service, real estate, Building Constructions and Supplying materials.

He started as a doctor in his Eastern Medicine in the year 2012 with endeavoraly right after he obtained special degree in the field of medicines in 2017. Dr Razi has completely devoted his entire time in the service of medical practice. He never obtained any wages for him and all the incomes received through this service he merged the all income that he received for the development activities of the company.

A the RIT Institutions is business company and it is paying attention in annual turnover and whereas this company engaged social activities and other welfares as well and it is intended to launch books through this company in the year 2020


The forerunner to today’s young generation

Owner and chairperson of the Razi Inernational Trading (PVT) Ltd is rised from middle class family. Without any kind of beating from any one with his diligent efforts he established a company that was so sparious from an early age his life was a battle field also he has benefited from his family. In constant to his progress, his approaches have made may rebellious and conspiracies against his progress.

Dr Razi’s some relatives were politicians and some were rich and prominent and most of his friends were financially sounded but Dr Razi never ever depend for any single assistance. He is very temperamental as well as stubbier. He never willing to get a head totally take depending or getting a head from others. The well wishes and prominent and politicians joint hand with him seeing his attitude and extreme activities and honest. Those politicians and well wishes continuous pick up has brought him forward.

He decides himself of his progress without touching even a single copper cent of his parous. He comes forward with his own earnings and he further spent his own money to achieve great education of media. Dr Razi is a self-dignitary he was creative from an early age and he is self-governing person. He is a full of love and compassion and he loves much poor usually when a person reaches the highest stage of life, all goodness and pride boils over.

He does not want to share his status and admiration with others. He is always simple, no one but  acquaintances can understand his position and his power. His works and culture are impressive.

Then his life and preservice with honesty and simplicity is an excellent example of youthful society that hopes is advance and the time wasters are effortless, the laborers, the foolish, the sellfers, the ignorant, the unreliable, the impulsive, the uncivil, the uncriticise, the jelous, he never keep controls with those people. He always away from such people. He is the Pre example for those who are discipline, civilized well never foil if they follow the path of Dr Razi.

Updated:- RIT Secreatry MS.Ismail Jawah  


Pre example message for all

Dr Razi is not deal with business but also Educational Sector, Science Specially Law, Politic, Economic, Music, Poem, Writing, Platform Orates, Martial Art and etc. Talent, Ability he possessed.


Dr. Razi Interesting reply

Once Dr. Razi wa questioned. Dr how could you achieved all this collective ability in a certain time.

He replied in two ankles.

Time and Period are the secret of my success as there are more than 10 hours are being used in vain finding others fault jealous with others by every person in my case I have carefully planned and spent in precious way.

I never ever think to hurt others because if we do wrong to others that will react us with immediate. Unlike if we do good to others we also benefiting and our mind also will satisfy. Out of my view it is sighted to me this is not an ordinary reply and which is consist a lot of internal meanings.

This two replies of him is not only message to students and the youth but also entire human being and I feel that is a senior message or information.

Updated: RIT (Senior Journalist, SLBC)